Week 6

The Arcane Institute wanted more information about the runes that were found inside the abandoned iron mine the kobolds were discovered in not too long ago. They attempted to send a convoy out to research and prospect the mine, but were attacked by goblins, killing 2 in the process. This time, they hired Greycastle, Kallista and Hucker to escort the convoy team to the iron mine, defend them as they did there work and escort them back to the safety of Thoria. This convoy however was not the target of goblins, but rather a group of kobolds and a new type of creature who was leading them. While the team was excavating and researching there was an attack that was defended.

With their work complete, the convoy was traveling back to Thoria when the axle of the caravan was snapped. As the repairs were underway, another group ambushed the party and attempted to take a researcher as prisoner, but was struck down as he fled. The players were able to finish their journey, when they returned to Thoria, hopefully with more answers than questions.


Harringtone4 Harringtone4

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