Week 5

Our merry group of adventurer’s answered the call of a silver raven who spoke to Anna in the tavern. The raven spoke in the voice of an old man who seemed to be in trouble near the mushroom grove. On their adventures into the grove they angered the local flora with unnecessary hacking stems. (Apparently the bard was enticed by a fair maiden) but nonetheless the slicing causing the uprooting of protective mushrooms which converged on the party. The spores emitted from the mushrooms was not enough to stop the party who then ventured toward the rising smoke.

On arrival, a dead human was found inside a hovel, with correspondence written describing the location of his research… A cave inhabited by a troll. The party had no fear as they challenged the troll to battle, and chopped its head off- which it promptly reattached and retaliated again. The troll was finally dispatched of once it was alight with flames. The research book was located but written in an unknown language- so was returned to the Institute of the Arcane for transcription.


Harringtone4 Harringtone4

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