Week 6

The Arcane Institute wanted more information about the runes that were found inside the abandoned iron mine the kobolds were discovered in not too long ago. They attempted to send a convoy out to research and prospect the mine, but were attacked by goblins, killing 2 in the process. This time, they hired Greycastle, Kallista and Hucker to escort the convoy team to the iron mine, defend them as they did there work and escort them back to the safety of Thoria. This convoy however was not the target of goblins, but rather a group of kobolds and a new type of creature who was leading them. While the team was excavating and researching there was an attack that was defended.

With their work complete, the convoy was traveling back to Thoria when the axle of the caravan was snapped. As the repairs were underway, another group ambushed the party and attempted to take a researcher as prisoner, but was struck down as he fled. The players were able to finish their journey, when they returned to Thoria, hopefully with more answers than questions.

Week 5

Our merry group of adventurer’s answered the call of a silver raven who spoke to Anna in the tavern. The raven spoke in the voice of an old man who seemed to be in trouble near the mushroom grove. On their adventures into the grove they angered the local flora with unnecessary hacking stems. (Apparently the bard was enticed by a fair maiden) but nonetheless the slicing causing the uprooting of protective mushrooms which converged on the party. The spores emitted from the mushrooms was not enough to stop the party who then ventured toward the rising smoke.

On arrival, a dead human was found inside a hovel, with correspondence written describing the location of his research… A cave inhabited by a troll. The party had no fear as they challenged the troll to battle, and chopped its head off- which it promptly reattached and retaliated again. The troll was finally dispatched of once it was alight with flames. The research book was located but written in an unknown language- so was returned to the Institute of the Arcane for transcription.

Week 4

The group was introduced to Axl Amedeus Hendrix, a Bard who lives in extravagance and splendor whether he can afford it or not. With Frillo, Kallista, Lucian, Greycastle, Hucker, and Axl, they travel to the south to discover the troubles with the lumber mill. They discover it had been haunted, the lumberjacks sent a party discover the source, but were found dead. 2 killed exposure, and 2 from slit throats. All 4 of which had been struck with an arrow which had sleeping poison applied to it. Attempting to Lure the creature out, the party guarded the lumberjacks as they chopped trees. Then the creature attacked, striking a lumberjack, then attempted to flee. Hucker, hucked his axes at it and killed it. It turned out to be Similar, but not the same as, the creature guarding the unicorn the previous week, it was a tiny Fey creature.

Having no more leads, the group decided to travel south by southwest in effort to locate the kobolds. Successfully tracking them into the iron mine, Hucker was nearly killed when he charged into the mine, and fell into a poisonous snake trap. After vanquishing the foes, (including the execution of a sleeping winged kobold). They discovered a dwarven book, readable only by Lucian, who explained that it described an orc attack onto a dwarven village and the untimely death of the same dwarf who claims to have wrote this journal… Lucian then mumbled something to himself under his breath that no one understood claiming that “there was nothing else important in the book”.

Week 3

Greycastle, Lucian, Hucker and Kallista undertook investigation of the crying noises west of Thoria. Upon exploration they came across a grove of trees twisted and dead. The center-most tree in the grove is a towering unnaturally black tree. Living in the tree was young woman grasping her child- pleading for help. After a small quest to locate an item in the nearby forest, the returned and were suprised to discover that the woman was actually a creature known as a green hag in disguise. The party killed her, and collected the reward for quest.

Week 2

Our adventurers Djeph Diego, Graycastle, Frillo, Lucian Naivara Brucandos, Hucker, and their new recruit, Kallista returned to the stone ruins to complete their quest. They discovered that the goblin king had been starving his followers and stashing extra food in his chamber, for an unknown reason. Their attempt at impersonating a false god gave them just the amount of advantage they needed to slip past the goblin warriors and kill the Goblin King. Without a leader, the goblins lost their tactical advantage and fled.

They returned back to Thoria and claimed their reward.

Week 1

Our adventurers Djeph Diego, Graycastle, Frillo, Lucian Naivara Brucandos, and Hucker accepted the wanted poster quest of helping farmers rid the goblins from stealing their goods.

The quest has yet to be completed.


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